Resources for Parents and High School Students

Here at A+, we have been in the business of test-prep for many years. Here are a handful of A+ approved resources for you and your family!


Philadelphia Education and College Planning Consultants

At A+, we work closely with several education and college planning consultants. Visit the pages below for more information!

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  • College Admissions Consultants
  • College Financial Planning Consultants
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Specialized Consultants

Other Test Prep, Academic, and Scholarly Resources

The College Board

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For information about the PSAT, NMQST, SAT Reasoning Test, SAT II Subject Tests, AP, or CLEP tests.

Independent School Admissions Exams

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Visit these websites for information on the SSAT and ISEE



Essay Punch

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A recommended resource for help with essay drafting, writing, organizing, and publishing.


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For an overview of the ACT test and ACT resources, visit their website.

Parke Muth on College Admissions

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Parke Muth, an educational consultant, has put together a great list of articles about the college admissions process.

National Center for Educational Statistics

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Visit this website for more information on college admissions, test score requirements, costs, and college profiles.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

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This is a great resource where professionals and parents provide information to help your student succeed in school and in life.

"I had a lot of great support! When I began working, my tutors showed me that adapting to conventional testing wouldn’t be as big an issue as I feared. Pat, in particular, really helped me understand the importance of good testing strategies. Both my tutors were encouraging and positive. I liked that they didn’t focus on test scores to the exclusion of everything else. They took the time to make sure I got answers to anything I had questions about."

Katie Benoliel

140 Point Increase on the SAT (over her PSAT score)

"I learned so much about testing strategies. Eliminating answer choices was one system that worked especially well for me. My tutors were amazing. Both of them were really patient! They worked with me step by step and showed me how to get into a more positive frame of mind during the test."

Matthew Catanzariti

170 Point Increase on the SAT

"It’s important for each student to consider what’s best for them. Best for me was definitely one-to-one tutoring because it helped me reach my goals. I knew reading and science were bringing down my scores, so we wanted to fix those specific sections, and we spent our time wisely. When I went into the test, I could tell the difference. Getting a 35 on the test was what I was looking for and well within my goal—and a large partof that was due to tutoring.”

Nicholas Dahl

5 Point Increase on ACT

“All of the advice I got from tutors relieved a lot of stress. My score went up 200 points. The tutors really helped me focus. When I tried test prep before, I was not as dedicated. Since I had to do the work to prepare for tutoring sessions, I wanted to do it.”

Joshua Divaker

200 Point Increase on the SAT



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