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Testimonials from Philadelphia Educational Professionals

Paul E. Meschter, M.S., CSP
PA. Licensed Psychologist


As a specialist administering psychoeducational evaluations, I have had many occasions to refer clients for tutoring. I call upon A+ Test Prep & Tutoring first, as all referrals have reported a positive experience.

Guiding a frustrated student toward success in a challenging subject requires a balance of knowledge, pedagogic skill and interpersonal patience. A+ President, Dan Ascher, ensures that his 50 carefully-vetted tutorial consultants possess these attributes for in-person and on-line instruction. 

One much needed program offered by A+ is tutoring in executive function – the skills students need to manage time and materials, remember important details, initiate and maintain awareness of their progress toward goals. Developing these skills is more highly correlated with degree completion than are SAT or ACT scores.

I highly recommend A+ for distance learning, in home instruction and services at their Jenkintown or Gwynedd locations.

Paul E. Meschter, M.S., CSP
PA. Licensed Psychologist

Student Testimonials - Test Prep & Tutoring in Philadelphia

Since 1992, thousands of students in the Philadelphia area have worked one-to-one with our tutors to prepare for the ACT and SAT. Our personalized approach to preparing for the ACT and SAT has proven successful time and again. Our average score improvement on the SAT is consistently about 200 points, and according to a recent company study, 80% of our SAT students improve their scores 150 to 390 points.

Here’s what a few of our SAT and ACT students in Philadelphia have to say about A+ and our tutors:

  • Sebastian Photo (1)


    "From the support of my delightful tutors and persistent practice I managed to gain confidence as tutoring progressed, which really helped to motivate me!"

    -Sebastian Skenderi

    Abington Senior High School

    Sebastian increased his ACT Math and English scores by 7 points and 10 points, respectively.




"Preparing for the ACT with A+ was the most help I could ever have received. Both of my brothers used A+ too, so our family is thrilled with the results and convinced the program truly works!"

-Matthew Headley

Upper Dublin High School

Matthew increased his score by 6 points to score a 32.


Alec picture (1) (1)

"Doing practice tests really helped. They helped me see that if I had stuck with the SAT, I would have had to put in more effort for lower scores. The problem with the SAT reading section was that there were always one or two questions per passage that I found ambiguous. Those questions were my stumbling blocks."

-Alec Sandroni

Germantown Friends School

Alec scored a 35 on the ACT test—one point away from a perfect score



"My biggest challenge was math, without a question. What surprised me, though, was that my English score came up as well. I wasn’t expecting that!"

-Jennifer Allison

Hatboro Horsham High School

Five point Increase—up to 23 on the ACT


image1 (2) (1)-2  

"I want to emphasize how much I appreciate how A+ has helped me. My tutor was great. He gave me confidence. He showed me testing strategies to help me focus. He taught me methods to approach questions and gave me tools to solve problems. He helped me to slow down. That’s what really worked for me—it wasn’t about the test content so much as getting familiar with and practicing the format of the test."

-Alec Kane

Friends Select School

230 Point Increase on the SAT over from his original diagnostic score of 1270

Katie Benoliel A+ Student

"I had a lot of great support! When I began working, my tutors showed me that adapting to conventional testing wouldn’t be as big an issue as I feared. Pat, in particular, really helped me understand the importance of good testing strategies. Both my tutors were encouraging and positive. I liked that they didn’t focus on test scores to the exclusion of everything else. They took the time to make sure I got answers to anything I had questions about."

-Katie Benoliel

Germantown Friends School

140 Point Increase on the SAT (over her PSAT score)



Matthew Catanzariti headshot.jpg

"I learned so much about testing strategies. Eliminating answer choices was one system that worked especially well for me. My tutors were amazing. Both of them were really patient! They worked with me step by step and showed me how to get into a more positive frame of mind during the test."

-Matthew Catanzariti

Wyndmoor, PA

La Salle College High School

170 Point Increase on the SAT

Holly Grosse headshot.jpg

"We heard about A+ from a family friend who had had a good experience here. Both my tutors were helpful and so easy to talk to! Beth Bantley was my reading and writing tutor and Gordon Breish worked with me on math and science. Beth taught me how to increase my reading speed, and both tutors taught me about organization and time management. I found that the things they showed me helped in school (especially on math tests) as well as on the ACT. " 

-Holly Grosse 

Philadelphia, PA 

Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School

7 Point Increase on the ACT

Sonoi Kawakami (1).jpg


"I liked the consistency of working every week. I also thought the practice tests were very helpful. My biggest challenge was math, especially running out of time on the math section. My tutoring sessions really helped me improve that way! I got lots of good advice from Julie. She taught me how to manage my time—how not to let individual questions eat it up. She also showed me how to review my answers at the end.

-Sonoi Kawakami


A+ Test Prep Online Tutoring

5 point increase on the ACT 




"It’s important for each student to consider what’s best for them. Best for me was definitely one-to-one tutoring because it helped me reach my goals. I knew reading and science were bringing down my scores, so we wanted to fix those specific sections, and we spent our time wisely. When I went into the test, I could tell the difference. Getting a 35 on the test was what I was looking for and well within my goal—and a large partof that was due to tutoring.”

-Nicholas Dahl

Philadelphia, PA
Germantown Friends School

5 Point Increase on ACT

Nicole Tan Lower Gwynedd, PA

“It’s definitely worthwhile to go through a tutoring program like A+. It focuses what you are studying. I found that the SAT is less about knowing the answers to the questions and more about understanding how the SAT questions are made. Going to A+ really helped me understand that. It was a positive experience."

-Nicole Tan

Lower Gwynedd, PA
Wissahickon High School 

Perfect scores in Critical Reading and Math on the SAT


The experience of being in the A+ program was busy, yet unbelievably helpful. If you want to succeed, you will!" 

-Sam Hunt

Blue Bell, PA
Wissahickon High School 

320 Point Increase on the SAT

“One little thing someone says can make something much clearer for you. The tutors made taking the test much easier for me. I had positive results with A+, and it’s clear that others did too.”

-Monica O'Donnell

New Hope, PA 
Council Rock High School North

6 Point Increase on the ACT




“All of the advice I got from tutors relieved a lot of stress. My score went up 200 points. The tutors really helped me focus. When I tried test prep before, I was not as dedicated. Since I had to do the work to prepare for tutoring sessions, I wanted to do it.”

-Joshua Divaker

Jenkintown, PA
Abington Senior High School

200 Point Increase on the SAT



“Individualized one-to-one test prep is very effective. By forming relationships with your tutors, you can really get into the material and use your time well. That’s very beneficial for a busy junior’s life, using time effectively.”


Lafayette Hill, PA
William Penn Charter School

8 Point Increase on the ACT


Alex_Vitek_Tutoring_TestimonialThank you, A+ ! The tutors were awesome and very compatible with me. With their help, I was able to improve my ACT score by 5 points. It was definitely a great experience.

-Alex Vitek

Huntingdon Valley, PA
Abington Senior High School

5 Point Increase on ACT Composite Score    



I just wanted to give a “shout out” to the two tutors we received (Gayatri and Leslie). They have both been extremely reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and most of all our son worked very well with them. He actually never complained of getting a tutoring session! In addition, A+ provided a great service to us. We always received our lesson notices as expected, received friendly reminders and “check-ins” to make sure everything was going well.

-Jennifer Gold, Parent

Lafayette Hill, PA

Wonderful program, we loved the personalization of it. Will scored 2330 on his second round with the SAT. We are very grateful to A+ Tutoring and will be back when our daughter is preparing 3 years from now.

-Marci and Peter Kuzma, parents
Will Kuzma

Washington's Crossing, PA

Council Rock North High School
300 Point Increase on the SAT


My tutor taught me a lot. She was very nice and understanding, and she helped me feel more prepared going in to the SAT. The techniques were very helpful for both the SAT and in school. Thanks A+!




-Kerri Sullivan

Hatboro, PA
Hatboro-Horsham High School

400 Point Increase on the SAT


Michael Lehrich A+ Tutoring Client Testimonial

“The review was very good. The tutors were top notch. Keep up the good work!”

-Michael Lehrich

Feasterville, PA
Neshaminy High School

220 Point Increase on the SAT      

Julia_Glassman_Tutoring_Testimonial“My tutors at A+ were amazing! They really cared about me as a person and worked hard to make sure that I got help with aspects of the SAT that I specifically needed to improve to get a better score. They tutored me based on my needs, instead of just following a general formulaic tutoring plan. Pam and John were great to work with! They made tutoring an enjoyable experience for me, and not like a chore. Overall A+ was a great company to use to help improve my score.  Thank you Pam and John!”

-Julia Glassman
Rydal, PA
Abington High School
220 Point Increase on the SAT

Our 15-year old son, George, was about two weeks into Algebra 2 when we realized he needed help — help neither one of us could give him! We called Dan Ascher for advice (his wife is one of my oldest friends) but didn’t think we could use A + Test Prep and Tutoring because we live in the Harrisburg area! As it turns out, A+ was launching an online tutoring service, and we jumped at the chance to try it. George loves doing his tutoring remotely; he logs on to the A + site from our home computer and uses a networked tablet device to work with his tutor, Maggie. His grades have gone up, his confidence is back, and he’s enthusiastic about math! We will be using A+ for SAT prep over the summer using the online services and one-on-one tutoring, too.  A+ Test Prep and Tutoring is a valuable resource for us to help George have a more successful high school academic career!

Peter and Corinna Wilson, Parents

-George Wilson

Camp Hill, PA
Camp Hill High School

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