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A+ Test Prep and Tutoring provides free proctored practice SAT and ACT exams to our clients and to students in the communities we serve in the Philadelphia, PA area.

If you are interested in taking a proctored practice SAT or ACT exam, click the "Register Now" button below to see available dates and times. Learn about all of the benefits of a proctored exam below.

Free Proctored SAT or ACT -- Register Now!

Five Reasons a Proctored ACT or SAT Exam Will Benefit Your Child

For students planning to take the ACT or SAT, practice tests are an important component of preparation. Taking a practice test under conditions as similar as possible to a real testing situation is even more beneficial. Like an athlete practicing in the stadium prior to a big game, or a musical performer having a dress rehearsal, students should experience the testing environment to feel as comfortable as possible.

During the school year, students in the greater Philadelphia area can call A+ at 215.886.9188 to register for our scheduled proctored tests, which are generally administered on weekends. During the summer, we proctor ACT and SAT tests upon request for individuals or groups.

Here are five reasons your student should register for an ACT or SAT proctored practice test. 


Philadelphia-area students may register for a proctored practice test at no cost. Many students go on to join our tutoring program, but there is no obligation. It’s a low-risk way for students (and parents) to get a feel for the ACT or SAT, and to get to know A+ and the services we provide.


Students can take proctored tests for both the ACT and SAT on separate days. The results of our proctored tests can help determine which test is a better fit for your student. Upon completion, we put together a detailed score report showing your child’s strengths and weaknesses. These results will help us determine which test is a better fit for your student. We can then advise you about which test the student should prepare for in order to achieve the highest possible score for college admissions.


Should you sign up for one of our one-to-one test-prep programs, the ACT or SAT proctored test results serve as a baseline, and our tutors use them to create score goals for your child. In addition, these results help us create a test-prep game plan designed to help your child achieve his highest possible score.


Students already enrolled in our tutoring programs take several ACT or SAT practice tests throughout their preparation and are welcome to take additional proctored tests. These practice tests serve as checkpoints and monitor progress. We look at how the student approached the test as a whole as well as how he handled specific types of questions in order to determine where the focus of instruction should be moving forward.


There are three main components to test preparation: test-taking strategy, skills and background knowledge, and practice with actual tests. All three are critical. Proctored practice tests provide an opportunity for students to get much needed practice with actual ACT and SAT tests. This will prove invaluable when she takes the actual test because it will allow her to be as relaxed as possible on test day, with no surprises.

We hope you’ll consider registering your child for a free proctored practice test here in the greater Philadelphia area. With no obligation to sign up for an A+ test prep program, don’t miss out on the chance to help your student feel more prepared for the ACT or SAT.  

If you would prefer to take a practice exam at home, or if none of the dates or locations offered are convenient for you, we would be happy to mail you a practice exam. This service is available year-round.

Whether you take the practice exam at one of our proctored exam sittings or you complete your practice exam at home, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed SAT score report or ACT score report.

Call our office now at 215-886-9188 or click the button below to get started. 

Free Proctored SAT or ACT -- Register Now!