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Tutoring online may be the perfect option for today’s busy teens. Remote Face-to-Face Tutoring eliminates travel time and makes it possible to fit a session in between all of a student’s other commitments. Additionally, A+ can match you with the right tutor for a student's particular needs no matter where either is physically located.

A+ one-to-one remote tutoring sessions are convenient, productive, and user-friendly. All you need are a desk, a computer, and a quiet space.  


  • Recorded Sessions. That’s a big plus if the student takes advantage of recorded lessons when doing homework between sessions.
  • The Right Tutor/Student Match. Sometimes the best tutor match we have for a specific student does not live close enough to the student to make the travel time worthwhile.
  • Out of the Area. If you don’t live in the Philadelphia area, or if your student is away for the summer, on an extended overseas trip, or going to school out of state, you can still take advantage of A+'s top-notch tutors.
  • Technology. For many students, meeting their tutor online is very engaging. Most teens are very comfortable with the technology and are used to communicating online.

Learn more about our one-to-one Remote Tutoring option on our Blog.

We encourage you to speak with one of Client Service Directors today so we can help you understand whether remote tutoring would be a good fit for your student.


Call our office at 215.886.9188 to request a free demonstration lesson online.

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Success with Online Tutoring

Our 15-year old son, George, was about two weeks into Algebra 2 when we realized he needed help -- help neither one of us could give him! We called Dan Ascher for advice (his wife is one of my oldest friends) but didn't think we could use A + Test Prep and Tutoring because we live in the Harrisburg area! As it turns out, A+ was launching an online tutoring service, and we jumped at the chance to try it. George loves doing his tutoring remotely; he logs on to the A + site from our home computer and uses a networked tablet device to work with his tutor, Maggie. His grades have gone up, his confidence is back, and he's enthusiastic about math!

Peter and Corinna Wilson
Camp Hill, PA







One of the best things about A+ Test Prep and Tutoring is that you truly feel like you are in a partnership in support of your child.  The relationship doesn’t end with each session; they are constantly working to find ways to help your child. My daughter really struggles with math, but with the support of A+, her downward spiral is being turned around. Her confidence is coming back as her grades go up. The online tutoring has made it easier for her to fit the sessions into her busy schedule. She has responded very well to them because like most teens, she is extremely comfortable online. It has been better than face to face tutoring. I feel really lucky to have A+ on our side. 

Yvonne Latty
Parent, Philadelphia, PA


If you are at all considering using A+ Test Prep and Tutoring but are unsure if you should use their online or live tutoring, I'd like to tell you that our son has absolutely thrived with his online tutoring sessions!  Ben has always been good in Math as long as he has had a lot of practice and support. That was fine for many years but once we hit Algebra, there was a lot of stress in our family around math homework and studying for tests.  

To lessen the frustration on the part of both Ben and my husband--who worked with Ben the most--I decided to hire A+.  My only concern was that we already had a packed schedule of after school activities and I couldn't imagine driving anyone to one more thing.  So we opted for online tutoring with A+.  It has been amazing!!  Not only does Ben get himself set up with his work at his own desk, he loves the technology they use to work through the math problems.  When does your 13-year-old thank you repeatedly for anything, nevermind tutoring? He looks forward to it and checks in with me every Sunday to make sure that he has his session on Mondays.  Best part, he is now getting A's in math on a regular basis, I am not driving all over the suburbs and our house is back to being a lovely, peaceful place!


Lori Fischer
Parent, Fort Washington, PA





Technical requirements for online tutoring:

The following are required for online tutoring:

  • A computer with a broadband internet connection (DSL, FIOS, Cable).
  • Microphone
  • Headset, Earbuds, or Speakers (note that if you are not using a headset you must enable Audio Echo Cancellation)
  • Webcam
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash

Tips for online tutoring:

Best practices for online tutoring