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A+ is proud to partner with Mindprint Learning to best help students succeed.

What is Mindprint?

  • Mindprint is a computer-based assessment that was developed by Penn Medicine that measures ten different areas of cognitive skills. Currently the assessment is still used by NASA.
  • In form, it is a one hour test students take online.
  • Mindprint measures complex reasoning, executive functions, memory, and processing efficiency.

Mindprint is included with our complete test prep program at A+ and gives both our tutors and students key insights into how each student learns.

3 Essential Reports

The Mindprint Profile

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The Mindprint Profile helps students understand their learning personality, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and specific strategies for support.

The Combo Report

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The Combo Report gives students a recommendation regarding whether the SAT or ACT is a better fit for their cognitive strengths.

The SAT Report (or ACT Report)

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The SAT Report (or ACT Report) breaks down each section of the test (SAT or ACT), giving score predictions and strategies for score optimization based on the student’s Mindprint profile.

To find out more about how A+ partners with Mindprint Learning, and how we incorporate these reports into our test prep programs, contact us today!

To Learn More About Mindprint: Link out to Mindprint website: https://mindprintlearning.com/



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