Featured Test Prep Student: Amanda Fricker

April 14, 2018 

featured-student-amanda-fricker“Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes progress.”

That is the maxim that Amanda Fricker quoted to us when we sat down to talk about her A+ experience. It’s the philosophy that enabled her to raise her ACT score from 25 to 28.

Amanda, who lives in Bucks County, is a student at Council Rock North High School. In addition to belonging to the National English, French, and Social Studies Honor Societies, she plays field hockey, is a member of ski club, and participates in SHARE (Students Helping Area Residents Effectively). As part of SHARE, Amanda contributes to the community. She has tutored at-risk inner city students. During the recent storms, she shoveled walkways for homeowners who couldn’t do it on their own. When she started studying for her standardized tests, she had a lot on her plate!

A+: Congratulations on your score increase! How did you first hear about A+?

Amanda: Our school website provides information about your services. My brothers both worked with tutors at A+!  The first thing I did was take a practice proctored ACT test.  I found out that I really needed to work on math.

A+: Why was math such a challenge?

Amanda: I was unfamiliar with some of the math because we hadn’t covered it yet in school. I’m thinking mainly of geometry.

A+: How did your tutor help you with that?

Amanda: She was really great at giving me detailed explanations of the geometrical concepts. I learned a lot! Not only did I learn what I needed for the test, but her explanations helped me with my work for geometry class.

A+: How else did your tutoring sessions help you?

Amanda: Julie gave me a lot of good advice on how to approach the test. She used to tell me, “If you don’t get the answer, move on. Do what you’re confident about first. You can go back later and do the other questions.” That really worked for me! On test day I felt totally prepared. I was confident, calm, and not nervous at all.

A+: And it showed in your scores! What is the next step for you?

Amanda: I was happy with my ACT score, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying! I plan to take the test again. I also want to take the SATs. I’ll be studying for them using resources that A+ showed me.

A+: What about the future?

Amanda: I’m starting to look at colleges. I really like Penn State, University of Delaware, and University of Maryland. I’m interested in getting a degree in secondary education. I’d love to teach history.

A+: What advice do you have for other students who are just beginning their testing process?

Amanda: Before I started, I was dreading the whole process. But I found out if you are motivated and study and practice, you can do it.

That’s when Amanda told me her favorite quote (the one we started our article with):

“Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes progress.”

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