Sample Test Questions from Math/Science Sections

Below are some sample test questions for the math and science sections of the ACT and SAT. Our team of tutors can help you develop strategies to solve these questions and others on your upcoming college entrance exams. 

ACT & SAT Sample Questions: Math





 (grid in)

Answers to Math Multiple Choice and Grid-In Questions


Sample Question: Linear Equations

Math questions with a lot of abstract information can cause some test-takers to panic. We break down how to solve these types of word problems in the math section of the ACT.


Sample Question: Polynomials

Polynomial questions are popular on both the SAT and ACT, so it's important to be comfortable with how to solve them. 

ACT Sample Questions: Science


Science_snip_1.png Science_snip_3.png
science_snip_2.png Science_snip_4.png


 Answers to ACT Science Multiple Choice Questions




Test/Section Answer
ACT Math G
SAT Math 50
ACT Science A

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