Sample SAT Score Report

Using the My A+ online progress reporting system, students can submit their answers to assigned practice tests and get a comprehensive score report, detailing strengths and weaknesses across a variety of topics in each test area. The initial page of each score report provides an approximate score summary for each major subject area of the SAT Reasoning Test.

A+ SAT Practice Test Score Summary

SAT Score Summary | A+ Tutoring & Test Prep

In addition to the overall score summary, students who have scored prior practice tests will see a history of test scores to track their overall progress.  Students have the option to grade an entire test, or just one sub-section of the test at a time.

SAT Score History | A+ Test Prep & Tutoring

Interpreting the Score Report

Whether only part of or a complete test has been graded, every score report includes a page describing how to interpret your score report (as depicted below).

SAT Score Report Interpreting | A+ Test Prep & Tutoring

Detailed Analysis

SAT Answer Breakdown | A+ Test Prep & TutoringFor each major subject area of the SAT, the score report will include a detailed breakdown.

The left column will include a full answer key. Questions are categorized by Type and Difficulty (1: easy, 2: medium, 3:hard).  Rows highlighted in red depict questions answered incorrectly, while those highlighted in blue depict questions that were skipped.

The right column (shown below) will include a summary of the results by question type, difficulty level, and section of the test, as well as the overall raw score.

SAT Section Summary | A+ Test Prep & Tutoring

In addition to the question answer key and score breakdown, the student’s essay will be read by two essay graders (in addition to the student’s tutor), who will provide scores, feedback, and suggestions for improving the essay and writing skills as shown below.

SAT Essay Critique | A+ Test Prep & Tutoring

Sample Detailed Summary for Critical Reading

SAT Critical Reading Report | A+ Test Prep & Tutoring

Sample Detailed Summary for Math

SAT Math Report | A+ Test Prep & Tutoring

Sample Detailed Summary for Writing

SAT Writing Report | A+ Test Prep & Tutoring


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