Standardized Test Frequently Asked Questions

At A+ Test Prep & Tutoring we work with teenagers like you every day and know how busy your lives are. We understand how important your free time is to you, and that preparing for these dreaded standardized exams is not high on your list of fun things to do. However, we at A+ have worked long and hard to remove the “dread” factor from our test-prep programs. The following may help answer some questions you have.

  • Won’t preparing for the exam be a lot of work, and how do I know it will be worth it?

    Short-term pain for long-term gain! Keep in mind that this is a small investment of your time (about 20 hours of tutoring) to prepare for a standardized test that, for better or worse, will play a role in your choice of college. Yes, we expect you to work hard during the sessions and complete assigned homework, but there is a payoff. Our test-prep programs have an impressive record of achieving results.


  • What if I don’t like my tutor?

    We match you with tutors who understand you and your academic strengths and weaknesses. Our tutors are even known to have a sense of humor! However, if for some reason you don’t get along with your tutor, no problem. Just let us know and we’ll arrange for you to have a different tutor.


  • I’m so busy. How can I fit SAT or ACT preparation into my schedule?

    We work around your hectic schedule so you don’t miss out on stuff like hanging out with your friends on the weekend, going to the mall, and catching the latest movie. Our tutors are available after school, evenings, and on weekends. They can meet with you at one of our two office locations, at your school, or in your home.


  • What’s better-one-on-one test-prep tutoring or a classroom-based, group program?

    A+’s one-on-one tutoring eliminates a lot of the frustration and distractions that you have to deal with in a classroom setting-you know, where the guy next to you keeps yawning and tapping his pencil and the girl in the front row keeps asking the same question over and over again that everyone else in the class seems to understand but she still doesn’t get! A classroom instructor must teach to a wide range of abilities and is therefore less able to adjust the pace and level of instruction to any one individual student.

    However, at A+ your tutor works closely with you and focuses on your specific needs. Our tutors cover all of the fundamental skills you’ll need for the test you will be taking, but they also understand when you are not comfortable with a particular subject area or strategy and they will spend extra time with you until you really understand it.


  • I get really stressed out when I have to take a standardized test. Can A+ help?

    Yes we can! There is no way around the fact that taking these tests can be stressful. However, at A+ we can eliminate a lot of that stress. We familiarize you with the format of the test, give you your own specific game plan for test day, build your reading, writing, and math skills (as well as science for the ACT), teach you effective test-taking tips and strategies, and give you lots of opportunities to practice with actual exams. While there is no way to eliminate stress entirely, we reduce your stress to a manageable level.


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