Academic Booster Tutoring Programs

  • Math Booster Program

    This program provides an excellent review of the basic math skills needed for success in higher-level math courses and on the SAT. Math topics covered include Arithmetic, Algebra I, and Geometry. Students completing this program will be more successful in their math courses as well as on the SAT. As with all of our programs, your tutor will spend the most time working on the specific areas where you need the most help.

    Whether a student needs clarification or enrichment and reinforcement for recognizing patterns, applying formulas, completing logical proofs, and solving word problems, our Math Booster Program can help!

    This program consists of nine 1.5-hour sessions.

  • Vocabulary Booster Program

    This program is for students interested in getting started early and achieving a higher level of SAT vocabulary. Vocabulary is the most difficult area of the SAT for most students. It is also the area that takes longest to develop. Students will learn over 500 of the most common SAT words. Vocabulary is developed by using three learning techniques: grouping words by related meaning; word origins; and using words in context. Students are also required to create and study flash cards for all new words. Since many of our students need to start early in improving their vocabulary, we offer this program to students in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade before they take our PSAT/SAT Preparation Program or ACT Preparation Program.

    This program consists of nine 1.5-hour sessions.

  • Grammar Booster Program

    This program begins with a diagnostic test for the student which will enable the tutor to pinpoint the specific English grammar and punctuation areas in which the student needs help. The tutor can then design a customized program for the student. The program will benefit students who want to improve the mechanics of their writing or to increase their SAT or ACT Verbal scores. All major English grammar problems covered by the SAT and ACT—i.e., idioms, use of commas, run-on sentences, and much more— are included in the student’s packet and can be addressed as needed.

    The program consists of nine 1.5-hour sessions.

  • Write Better Essays

    Work with one of our writing tutors to develop your essay writing skills. All aspects of essay writing are covered, including brainstorming, researching your topic, developing a thesis, creating and supporting your argument, revising, and editing. This program consists of nine 1.5-hour sessions.

Note: Extra tutoring sessions can be arranged for any of our programs. This option is especially helpful for students with weak fundamental skills or who have difficulty studying on their own.

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