Executive Function Coaching

An A+ executive function coach works collaboratively with a student to help with organization, time management, study skills, stress management, and effective reading, writing, note-taking, and test-taking skills.  Unlike subject tutoring, executive function coaching does not focus on a specific subject area, but rather, on helping students learn how to get all of their work done in an effective and efficient way. 


Since each student’s needs are different, there is no “typical” executive function coaching program. In order to determine which approach and which executive function coach are best suited to help an individual student, an A+ Director will spend time with the parent discussing the student’s needs.

The discussion will include the student’s educational history, attention and learning issues, as well as the student’s interests, personality, and any other relevant information. In addition, A+’s President, Daniel Ascher, M.Ed., will personally review any educational records provided by the parent, including psychoeducational testing, neuropsychological evaluations, progress reports, IEPs, 504 Plan, and communications from teachers, guidance counselors, and/or other education professionals.

Free PDF Download: What are Executive Functioning Skills, and Why Do They Matter?

Executive Function Coaching focuses on, but is not limited to:

Homework Management

A student learns to prioritize homework assignments based on importance, difficulty, and urgency, and establishes a proper study environment, built around routine.

Study Skills

A student learns to take effective notes and how to actively review them.  The student maximizes the impact of studying by anticipating the format and content of upcoming tests and quizzes.

Time Management

A student learns to actively plan out current and future projects and assignments, and learns how to successfully break down larger assignments into more manageable parts in order to allow sufficient time to complete all assignments.

Academic Writing

A student learns the entire writing process including topic development, organization, style, grammar, usage, and mechanics, and incorporates these aspects in order to make effective use of time.

Reading Comprehension

A student learns to understand and utilize active reading techniques, including asking questions, making connections, and drawing inferences.  Also incorporated are text-appropriate methods to read for retention, including previewing, note-taking, and summarizing.

A+ Executive Function Coaches are intuitive thinkers and methodical, resourceful, organized, and flexible.  Coaches will initiate new ways for a student to approach their school work and the related organizational skills.  A student’s coach will make assessments regarding a student’s weak areas and will develop a plan for improvement.

The student and coach work together as a team, with the ultimate goal of allowing the student to become an independent learner.  For more information, please call us today at 215.886.9188, or send us an email.