Your Custom-Made ACT Test Preparation Program

At A+, one-to-one instruction is all we do. Unlike classroom ACT programs, we focus on your specific learning style and needs. We always work at the appropriate level and pace for you.

It all starts with your FREE diagnostic assessment. We use these results to develop a customized program of instruction for you.

In addition, we keep your parents informed of your progress every step of the way with frequent updates from your tutor.


The Four Keys to ACT Success

    • 1.

      Your Tutor

Your tutor is not only an outstanding ACT test-taker; he/she has the right personality to effectively teach and motivate you. We match you with the tutor best suited to your individual learning needs, score improvement goals, schedule, and choice of location.

    • 2.


We review all areas of math, science, English, reading, and writing needed for success on the exam.

    • 3.


We work on general test-taking strategies and problem-specific strategies. Over the years we have learned which test-taking strategies are effective for which students. We get to know you. Then we teach the strategies you need for success on the exam.

    • 4.


Practicing these skills and strategies is critical to your success. You will practice using your A+ coursebook and three actual ACT exams.

The practice exams give you an opportunity to see which strategies you are applying correctly, and which ones you need more work on. After completing each of your actual ACT practice exams, your tutor will score and review the results with you, going over questions that you have trouble with, and teaching you how to better approach these types of questions. Homework exercises will be assigned after each session to reinforce the specific skill areas and strategies in which you need additional practice.

Our Tutors

Because one-to-one instruction is all we do, we hire only the most talented tutors. Our rigorous hiring and training process involves: thorough background checks; demanding skills testing; demonstration of teaching ability; intensive training; and post-training evaluation by an A+ master tutor.

Our tutors not only have outstanding SAT and ACT scores, they have the ability to motivate and teach you what you need to know. In our most recent survey of PSAT, SAT, and ACT students (January, 2011), our clients gave our eductional program an average rating of 8.7 (on a scale of 1 to 9).

Because we have low turnover, our tutors are truly experts in the field. Currently three-fourths of our ACT Tutors have been with A+ two years or more.

One-to-One Test Preparation Programs

  • ACT Preparation- 19.5 hours
      We provide thirteen one and one-half hour tutoring sessions prior to the ACT to cover the various subject areas. However your specific breakdown may differ depending upon your individual needs. If needed, extra sessions may be arranged for an additional fee.
  • Ultimate Test Prep- 31.5 hours
      This program includes complete preparation for two tests dates of your choosing. After receiving your test results, if you would like to continue working to improve your scores, we’ll continue to work with you at NO CHARGE to prepare you for as many additional ACT test dates as you choose. No questions asked. No fine print.
  • College Application Essay Assistance – (Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)
      Work with one of our experienced writing tutors to develop your college application essays. Hone your story-telling and persuasion skills for the admissions process, including interviewing suggestions.
  • Extra Sessions – (Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)
      Extra tutoring sessions can be arranged for any of our programs. Extra sessions are a good choice for those students who need a more structured learning environment or for whom studying independently is difficult. A+ Test Prep & Tutoring can arrange a program to fit your needs and can create a convenient schedule of sessions.

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