K-8 Math and Reading Program

A+ tutors have access to many excellent learning resources and materials for K-8 math and reading skills including:

  • Textbooks and Supplemental Workbooks
  • Computers with internet access, word processing software, spreadsheet software, and presentation software
  • Flashcards, Educational Games

In addition, we have a complete mathematics and reading curriculum designed to help K-8 students learn and improve their skills. Most of our materials are specially created for students who have difficulty with standard curricular materials.

Whether students use their own materials or take advantage of the materials we have at our center will be determined by the tutor at the beginning of the program. In some cases it is suggested that parents purchase math or reading skills workbooks. Costs for materials will be kept to a minimum, and parents can pay for materials over time as the materials are needed.

A+ Test Prep & Tutoring uses: