FAQ: How Does the A+ Test Prep Program Work?

March 18, 2016 

One of the questions we get most often is about our test prep program’s structure: How does it work?

Before starting our program, your student will take a full-length, real SAT or ACT exam. We will score this exam and provide you and your student’s tutors with a detailed score report. Our tutors will review the test and score report in order to determine which areas your student needs to focus on most. Each tutor will create an initial game plan for instruction, which takes into account your student’s strengths and weaknesses, and sets an initial score improvement goal for each subject area.

Your student will have a 1.5-hour tutoring session each week. Most students work with both a math tutor and a verbal tutor, doing math one week and verbal the next. Our typical program is thirteen sessions, six math (or math and science for ACT) and seven verbal sessions.

We will give your student two to three hours of homework after each tutoring session. This homework consists of exercises from the course books, and sections of practice exams. Your student will enter her practice test answers into our online scoring system. Our tutors review your student’s work prior to the next tutoring session. Tutors use that information to plan instruction, determine areas of focus, and increase score goals as progress is made. 

Feel free to click around our website to learn more specifics about our custom ACT or SAT one-to-one test prep programs, and visit our blog again soon for more answers to your FAQs!

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