College Board Suspends Effort to Create At-Home SAT

Last updated Feb 5, 2021 

With all of the cancellations of SAT and ACT college admissions exam administrations this spring, both College Board and ACT, Inc. announced that they’d be working to provide online versions of their exams. Their thinking was that given the health concerns surrounding offering an in-person exam, and the fact that schools might not be eager to host in-person exams this fall, providing students with an at-home option could allow students who otherwise might not be able to take one of these exams the chance to sit for an exam.

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However, after offering at-home AP exams in May, which were marred by technical issues in which some students were not able to submit their answers and had to retake the exams in June, College Board decided that it would not be feasible to offer an at-home SAT.

In addition, in it’s announcement about suspending this effort, College Board mentioned that “Taking it would require three hours of uninterrupted, video-quality internet for each student, which can’t be guaranteed for all.” This is especially true for low-income students who may not have the same level of access to high-speed internet service. And that’s not to mention the fact that not all students have a quiet place at home that would allow them to work for three hours without being interrupted or distracted by whatever else is going on at home while they are attempting to work on the exam. The ACT, however, has promised that there will be a remote option this fall, but details are scarce. 

Given the difficulty that many students faced this year trying to get a spot to attend an SAT or ACT, many colleges have announced temporary test-optional policies for the entering classes of 2021 and 2022. This is an evolving situation so stay tuned to our blog for the latest information! 

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