Free SAT Prep Website Helps Students Prepare for the Big Test

March 20, 2009 
SUBSCRIBE, a free website created by a Florida high school student in 2007, is a great way for students to begin the process of preparing for the SAT. The website provides a structured approach to test prep, which includes a diagnostic practice exam that students take first. After completing the exam the student can access 60 test prep lessons covering all SAT content areas (math, reading comprehension, and writing skills).

The student who created this website, Jason Shah, is now a sophomore at Harvard University. Jason received a $40,000 college scholarship from the McKelvey Foundation, created by the late Andy McKelvey, who started The foundation’s entrepreneurial scholarship program provides scholarships to young business owners. In 2007, 52 students received e-scholarships.

Another highly rated free online SAT preparation resource is .

Since it is not typical for students to have the level of understanding and motivation to prepare for the SAT by themselves, most students still need a tutor, or coach. However, both of these websites are worth checking out and may play a useful role in improving a student’s SAT score.


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