SAT Verbal Practice: 4 Great Websites for Test Prep

February 23, 2015 

Preparing for the SAT Verbal sections doesn’t have to mean long hours analyzing rhetoric and learning dry grammar rules out of a massive test prep book. Best used in conjunction with a more personalized test preparation plan, the following resources can help you get started right from your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Informative, free, and sometimes even funny, these websites could be the perfect supplement to your test preparation plan.


Considering these are the people who produce the SAT, checking out their tips for success on the SAT Verbal sections of the test is probably a safe bet. They offer tips regarding time management and question difficulty, along with providing sample questions at no cost. Furthermore, the sample questions go beyond just showing if you got them correct; a thorough explanation follows each question and allows you to understand specifically what the question was asking and why each answer choice is right or wrong.SAT_Verbal_Practice

2. Shmoop Videos

If you’re looking for test prep that can make you laugh, you’ll want to check out Shmoop. Along with the SAT offerings on their website, a complete playlist of free videos to help you with SAT Verbal practice can be found via Youtube. With their tagline being “We Speak Student,” you can be sure that their explanations will be phrased in a way you can understand—with a good dose of sarcasm and humor too! Click over for the SAT Verbal practice questions and explanations, and stay for the funny videos; you’ll learn and laugh at the same time!

3. A+ Test Prep and Tutoring

Along with offering test preparation packages and tutoring services, on our website you can find sample SAT Verbal questions along with their answers. With examples of questions testing your knowledge of grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary in context, you can put your verbal skills to the test in a no-pressure situation and see how you do. Ace them all? Awesome! However, if you find yourself needing some help or wanting further practice, just click on over to our services section and be matched up with one of our experienced tutors who can help put you on the right track.

4. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is an online nonprofit whose goal is to provide a free world-class education to everyone. On their site you can use tutorials to practice with lots of real, previously unreleased SAT Reading and Writing questions provided to Khan Academy by the College Board. The tutorials even include videos that show you how to reason through the different types of questions that appear on the SAT Verbal sections.


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