A+ Featured Student: Sebastian Skenderi

April 23, 2020 

Sebastian Skenderi is truly remarkable. A junior at Abington Senior High School, Sebastian spent recent months working with A+ tutors to boost his ACT score, and he did! Impressively, his English score rose by more than 10 points and his Math by 7 points—both are among the highest improvements A+ has ever witnessed. With an overall 5-point increase in his score, Sebastian “definitely rose to the occasion,” as his verbal tutor Pat Graber puts it. To get a better sense of what made this outstanding achievement possible, we spoke with Sebastian and Pat about their tutoring experience.

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A+: What brought you and your family to A+?

SEBASTIAN: A friend of the family referred us to A+. After seeing great results from someone else, we knew it was the right move.

A+: What was your biggest challenge?

SEBASTIAN: My biggest challenge was getting all the ACT homework finished. At the time, I was balancing it between two sports and school.

Graber confirms that “finding a balance between schoolwork and tutoring assignments” was one of Sebastian’s most significant challenges, and that she impressed “upon him the need to practice test-taking as much as possible.” Taking her advice to heart, Sebastian “worked diligently,” making “a concerted effort to complete his practice tests.” Encouragement to practice wasn’t the only thing Graber provided Sebastian.

A+: What were some other factors that you believe helped you achieve your goal or made the process a good one for you?

SEBASTIAN: I looked forward to seeing my tutors. They were very interesting to talk to and, at the same time, the work we did together was very productive.

Sebastian’s tutors enjoyed working with him too, describing him as “delightful.”

A+: What was the best piece of advice you remember getting from your tutors?

SEBASTIAN: I remember being told to not stress too much about the test. My math tutor, Bob Wolpert, reminded me that I can always practice and then take it again.

The combined effects of his tutors’ support and his persistent practice ultimately yielded both more comfort with the test and better scores. Sebastian “managed to gain confidence as tutoring progressed, which really helped to motivate him,” Graber notes.

A+: With test prep and testing over, what advice do you have for students just starting the standardized testing process?

SEBASTIAN: Practice as much as you can. I took tons of full practice tests and it helped me feel prepared after reviewing the answers I got wrong.

A+: So, now that you’ve finished tutoring and taking the test, what are your future goals?

SEBASTIAN: I hope to attend Drexel, Villanova, or University of Pennsylvania. I want my career to be in business or computer science.

Congratulations and best wishes to Sebastian as he pursues these goals!

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