A+ Sponsors International Student: Isaac Nketiah Anokye

Last updated May 17, 2022 


In the spring of 2020 many of our students, who had prepared for the SAT or ACT, were unable to take their college admissions exams. The tests were canceled due to the pandemic. We decided to offer our students free classes, designed to help them continue working on their test prep, until the tests were offered again. We opened these sessions to the general public.

Isaac Nketiah Anokye is a student who lives in Accra, Ghana. He dreams of coming to the US to pursue a college education and found our classes via a Google search. He participated in our group classes in the summer of 2020.

He was raised by a single mother with medical issues and who was financially unable to help him pursue his goal. Isaac was unfamiliar with the American higher education system. He reached out to me for help and we began to communicate on WhatsApp.

At A+ as we continued providing test prep support for him. We also connected him to Dr. Jeffrey Schnitzer, an educational consultant, who volunteered his time helping Isaac learn how to apply to American universities and to navigate the various requirements for foreign students who want to come to the US for higher education.

One of the first hurdles Isaac faced was registering for the SAT in Ghana. He was required to have a passport to prove his identity for the test. So in September of 2020 Isaac asked for some help with the passport fees. I set up a Go Fund Me page and we were able to raise the funds needed for his passport application.

Since that time Isaac has worked diligently towards achieving his dream, overcoming many barriers, but never giving up! I have continually been impressed by his drive and persistence. He has applied to several universities, including several historically black colleges (HBCUs) and received a number of excellent scholarship offers. 

Isaac will enroll at Paine College in Augusta, Georgia and plans to major in Mathematics with concentration in Computer Science. He has been selected as a Presidential Scholar, a full scholarship package covering full tuition, room and board. Isaac says that he “genuinely likes Mathematics and I picked a concentration in Computer Science because computers are influencing our world’s direction,” and he wants to “ be a part of that. Writing a program to aid a physicist in deciphering the secrets of the universe or a doctor in discovering a cure for diseases appeals to me greatly. Computer Science is an ever-expanding field, and with computers in practically every area of our life, it is certain to continue to do so in the foreseeable future.”

One of the final hurdles he faces is paying an enrollment deposit of $275 to commit to Paine College and as an international student, and a couple of visa related fees totaling $510. I paid a $160 fee for him and we have started a second Go Fund Me drive to help him raise the remainder. We hope that our A+ family and generous members of our local community will help us raise the rest. 

To date we have raised $100 and we need $525 more to meet the goal. Please consider donating. You can donate any amount, and every little bit helps! Click here for our Go Fund Me page, and to see a video of Isaac. 

We look forward to welcoming Isaac to the US as he begins the next part of his journey at Paine College! Thanks in advance for your help!


Daniel Ascher, M.Ed.,

President, A+ Test Prep and Tutoring


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