Featured Test Prep Student: Maddie Hunt

July 5, 2017 

Maddie Hunt Photo.pngRecently we sat down with Maddie Hunt, one of our A+ Featured Students, to talk about her success and her experience in our SAT test prep program. Here’s what she had to say!

Q: What brought you to A+?

Maddie: My older brother referred me. He went through the program before me and had a great experience. So when it came time for me to take my SATs, it was natural to come to A+.

Q: What do you see as the three most important factors in your success?

Maddie: First of all, my A+ tutors! Both of them were very thorough, and they were always clear when they explained things. The second thing that helped a lot was practice testing. I always took timed practice tests, and they helped prepare me for the real thing. And the final thing that I really appreciated was the textbook. I liked how they broke all the information down into small sections. I never felt confused.

Q: What would you say your biggest challenge was during tutoring?

Maddie: That would have to be managing the extra workload on top of my regular homework and activities. In addition to school, I play and coach field hockey. I do community service, and I’m also part of the school spirit club!

Q: That’s quite a schedule! Do you have any advice for students who are similarly trying to accomplish multiple goals?

Maddie: One thing that really helped me was getting myself organized. Stay on top of the work—don’t let it get away from you! If you make a schedule and stick to it, there’s less of a chance that everything you have to do will overwhelm you. I think a focusing strategy helps a lot. My tutor Mary gave me breathing exercises to do to help me focus before a test and I love them! I haven’t tried them yet for anything other than testing, but I might in the future. Also, I’d like to say don’t underestimate what you can do. I never thought I’d get the high score that I did. Believe in yourself. You might surprise yourself!

*(Note: Maddie raised her SAT score 160 points—her verbal score went up 50 points, and her math score went up 110 points.)

Q: What’s next?

Maddie: I’m looking at several colleges. I haven’t decided on anything yet, but I like Syracuse and University of Michigan. Right now I think my major might be English or Communications, but I haven’t made a final decision on that either.

We also spoke to one of Maddie’s tutors, Christina Myers. Christina had this to say:

I was Maddie’s verbal tutor, and I can truthfully say that working with Maddie was an absolute pleasure. Maddie was unfailingly committed to the test prep process, and worked very hard to achieve her score goals. She was never a passive student, but actively participated in every session, asking questions and taking notes. She faithfully completed all assignments, including all practice tests. It was wonderful to see her practice scores steadily climb, surpassing her original goals before she had completed all sessions with me. This was the result of her commitment and hard work! I am so proud of Maddie and all she has achieved.

With dedication and hard work, Maddie’s story can be yours! At A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, we are here to guide you through the testing process. We match you with tutors who work with you and encourage you to attain your “personal best” score.

If you would like more information, our Client Service Directors Anne Stanley and Susan Ware are available to answer questions and provide solutions. You may reach either of them by calling A+ Test Prep and Tutoring at 215-886-9188.



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