Featured Tutor: Kevin Holsopple

May 23, 2018 

aplus-featured-tutor-Kevin-HolsoppleMeet Kevin Holsopple, our A+ tutor in the spotlight.

Kevin has worn many hats in his lifetime, and he brings the accompanying experience with him to A+ Test Prep and Tutoring to serve our students.

Care to discuss degrees? Kevin holds both a BS and MS in nuclear engineering from Penn State. He also possesses an MBA and a master’s in environmental engineering from the same institution.

Kevin’s career accomplishments are also impressive. He has 20 years of experience in the field of nuclear power. He has worked on the design and engineering of nuclear power plants and has been involved in corporate oversight of nuclear utilities.

Kevin’s second career led him away from science and into finance. For years, Kevin was a successful investment analyst in the New York area. He became skilled in personal finance, managing his own portfolio as well as educating individuals in the areas of investments.

So what led Kevin to A+?

Says Kevin, “I started tutoring on my own after leaving the investment industry.  I really enjoyed it! But, as I wanted to focus on the teaching, I began looking around for an agency that I could feel good about working with. That’s when I found A+! One thing that impressed me was how thoroughly A+ vets their tutors. A+’s administration puts tutors and students in a position to be successful. It’s not just all about revenue. It’s about support. The office deserves all the credit in the world, because without their support I couldn’t do what I do.”


Kevin’s specialty is math and science exam preparation. He also excels at high-level subject tutoring outside of exam prep—calculus and all applications of math. Kevin feels that one of his strengths is his knack for being able to explain things with numbers to people. “My experience in different industries lets me translate the theories into real-life applications. It allows me to simplify complicated, complex concepts and demonstrate how they’re actually used in real life.”

Kevin feels very strongly that it is a privilege to be working with A+ students. “They are some very bright people,” he says seriously. “I often feel I’m just like a basketball coach who has the opportunity to work with Michael Jordan. I can stand back and let them do their thing. I just don’t want to get in their way!

“I’m not a clock watcher. If we’re in the middle of a concept and the student wants to keep going, I’m there.”

Kevin is very familiar with the barriers that can block students from doing their best on tests.

“In school,” he relates, “I always wanted to solve problems in in my head. Boy did I get in trouble over that! Dealing with very gifted people, I notice they tend to want to do the same. I try to show them that there’s a value in writing a problem solution out. It helps when you can check your work later to make sure everything’s okay. There are no extra points for getting done early! I can say that some of the biggest improvements in scores that I see come from learning and using this principle.

“I also see a lot of students with confidence issues. Being able to show students and parents their improvement on practice tests is a bigconfidence booster.”

Kevin recalls a student he tutored over the summer. “She was doing exam prep and wasn’t very confident. Her ACT scores were not that great. I knew she was smart and an extremely dedicated individual.  It was readily apparent to me that she had the ‘intellectual horsepower’ to do the work. We did some sessions and practice exams. At the end of the summer we saw the results.  Big improvement! Jaw-dropping. I had to analyze the practice test twice because I didn’t believe it. She had improved by 25% in nine different areas (and in some areas by more than 50%)! It was gratifying to both her parents and me that she was beaming with confidence (and humility) to see what she could actually do. She could see it right there with raw data.”

Kevin’s final thoughts? “I want parents and students to know they’re getting the best care we can give them here at A+. And remember, life isn’t all about work. Take time to dream. Relax. Above all, have fun!”



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