Featured Test Prep Student: Sami

June 23, 2015 

Sami-Test-PrepSometimes a student has the knowledge and skills he needs to succeed on the ACT, but he lacks the confidence to help him perform well on test day.

Sami, a 17-year-old junior at William Penn Charter School, wanted a test prep program that would help him stay calm and confident throughout the process of studying for and taking the ACT. His family decided to sign Sami up to take a free diagnostic test that the company offers regularly.

His mother, Faith, said once they gained an understanding of the A+ program’s philosophy and services, it was an easy choice.

“Doing well on the exam is a key priority, and I knew he’d prefer the one-to-one style of test prep,” Faith said. “After talking with A+ president Dan Ascher and getting some background, it was clear it would be a personalized service.”

Sami met his tutors at the public library near his home and described the experience as very enjoyable overall. “The tutors were helpful and engaging. I got to know both of them, and they were very nice people,” he said.

His mother agreed that A+ did a good job matching her son with his tutors. “They selected tutors for Sami based on geography, but also on personality,” she explained. “That personal touch was great. I can’t even begin to say how much I liked the tutors.”

Faith said that A+ really showed a commitment to her son by sending reminder emails and phones calls, providing detailed lesson notes after each tutoring session, and being flexible with Sami’s schedule. “They really gave us that one-on-one service. I have friends who used other companies, but I don’t feel they got that personalized service.”

Sami already had strong scores in math (he is thinking about majoring in mathematics in college), so he focused mostly on the verbal and science sections with his tutors.

Melissa Nash, his science tutor, said they worked on pacing and timing. “Sami needed to trust his judgment and believe that some questions were easy. He also worked on reading questions very carefully,” she said.

Roxanna Kestner was Sami’s tutor for the English, Reading, and Writing sections of the ACT. “Sami is an incredibly diligent worker and always did more than was required when it came to his test prep. He really stayed focused throughout the weeks we worked together,” Roxanna said. “He remained cognizant of his strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement throughout.”

With the direction and support of both of his tutors, Sami said he felt ready to score high when he took his second ACT test. And he did—his composite score increased 6 points! 

“I think that A+ is well worth the investment,” Faith said. “They really helped build his confidence.”

“Individualized one-to-one test prep is very effective,” Sami said. “By forming relationships with your tutors, you can really get into the material and use your time well. That’s very beneficial for a busy junior’s life, using time effectively.”



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